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Automatic Controllers for dosing pool chemicals for Commercial and Domestic Swimming Pools

Automatic chemical dosing equipment

Maintaining the water balance for a swimming pool needs regular addition of pool chemicals to the pool water passing through the pool filtration system in the plant room. Hand dosing of these pool chemicals is not a option due to most swimming pools being used for commercial interests, needing to be open for long periods of the day and bathers always being present in pool or above ground swimming pool.

Commerical pool plant room with a main and reserve filter pump set
Commercial filter pumps for pool circulation

These bathing loads can change through out the day and quantities of the chemicals will need to be adjusted. Conditions inside the pool could fall below levels needed to keep the water sanitised and safe to swim in, causing bacteria to multiply and algae to form in areas of poor circulation. Over the last twenty years, technology has advanced to allow for electronic controllers to be developed using special probes to measure the waters pH, Redox and Sanitiser levels.

Automatic chemical dosing equipment
Blue Horizons Domestic chemical dosing system

There are differences between the controllers used for a commercial swimming pool than those used for a domestic swimming pool. Most commercial dosing controllers use a special sensor that allows the free chlorine in the pool water to be displayed, this reading is checked on a regular basis using water test kits employing a DPD 1 tablet. With a domestic pool which is normally used by a family and their friends, true chlorine readings are not needed and a cheaper means of measurement is employed using a Redox probe, again a test kit is employed with a DPD 1 tablet.

Chemical dosing tanks and pumps which are sized to the pool volume and turnaround time
Chemical dosing tanks and pumps which are sized to the pool volume and turnaround time

Another difference from a commercial and domestic dosing system is the size of the storage tanks employed to hold the chemicals in the plant room and the size of the chemical dosing pumps. Due to the larger water volumes employed in a commercial swimming pool and the quicker turnaround times of the filtration system, larger dosing pumps are employed to inject the chemicals into the return pipe work for the pool water. These pumps need to be correctly sized, but the commercial dosing controller is normally the same unit for the different size pools, but needs on site programming by a swimming engineer for response time and sensitivity.

Chlorine injection point fitted to the return pipe work of the filtration system

We hope this information is helpful, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering to install a dosing system, have a problem with an existing unit or need any further information on the various units available.

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